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The Hipstel - Barcelona

Barcelona Events – April 2017

barcelona events

If you’re coming to Barcelona in April, make good use of the wonderful spring weather in Spain, warm days and pleasant sun rays. Here is the list of major Barcelona events you can attend this April. From grandiose religious celebrations to exciting sports events, from fitness challenges to love expressions, you’ll find something to suit your interests and appetites. Roses and lovers, shouts and cheers, traditional costumes and dances, sweat and tears, vintage clothes and trinkets, and much more! 

Barcelona Half Marathon, Santa Eulalia, and Valentine’s Day

barcelona half marathon, santa eulalia and valentines day

The middle of the February is the time to be in Barcelona! The events and holidays such as Half Marathon, Santa Eulalia, and Valentine’s Day are all packed in four days. With milder and sunnier climate than in other cities of Europe, the peaceful Barcelona in February can offer so much without waiting in queues with other tourists. (However, don’t forget to bring an umbrella and a jacket) Not to mention that everything, from accommodation to tickets is cheaper in February than in the summer months.

Barcelona Half Marathon

On Sunday 12th of February, you have the unique opportunity to combine fulfilling your fitness goals and city sightseeing by participating in the Barcelona Half Marathon (eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona). Sweat out those churros and hot chocolate! See the best of Barcelona‘s tourist attractions such as the statue of Christopher Columbus, Triumphal Arch, and the Ciutadella park! However, if you are not keen on running 21km, don’t forget to offer moral support and cheer for the runners.

Santa Eulalia

At the same time, Santa Eulalia, the first patron saint of the city, is celebrated on the streets of Barcelona. From the free entrance to the museums to human towers, fire runs and folk dances, you will have the opportunity to experience unique Catalan spirit and culture. The celebrations take part from February 10th to 12th.

Valentine’s Day

A very important date for all those in love – Saint Valentine’s Day is just two days later. Like the rest of the world, Barcelona celebrates this romantic holiday on February 14th. Due to another similar holiday in April (St Jordi’s Day) it is not as much celebrated as in other countries. However, it is definitely worth booking a romantic getaway to Barcelona with your loved one on this date.

December in Barcelona – Events Calendar

december in barcelona

Is visiting Barcelona in December a good idea? If you don’t care about tanning, swimming, and spending time on the beach, then it definitely is. For those who live in colder parts of the world, December in Barcelona is pretty mild. The temperature usually doesn’t go below 5 degrees and it’s sunny. On the other hand, you can avoid  crowds, tourists, queues and the summer prices. This is your chance to experience Barca from a more local perspective, while sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the Christmas decorations, spirit and cozy atmosphere. Grab a turron (a delicious dessert sold at the street markets) or el pa de Nadal (the traditional Christmas bread sold at bakeries) and start sightseeing and browsing for gifts.

If you’re wondering what interesting events to attend in December, here are our picks.

November in Barcelona – Events Calendar

november in barcelona

Although Barcelona might be colder than in high-season months, and not so beach-friendly in November, there are plenty of reasons why spending November in Barcelona is a great idea. Hot chocolate and churros. Delicious panellets and sweet potatoes. Fewer tourists, shorter queues, cheaper prices of accommodation. The temperature which is still milder and more pleasant than in Central and Northern Europe. And of course, the fact that Barcelona never lacks exciting and interesting things to do and see even in colder months.

September in Barcelona – Events Calendar

September in Barcelona

September in Barcelona is perfect for those who are not big fans of hot summer. We might even dare say that September and October might be the most pleasant months to visit Barcelona weather-wise. Fortunately, the Hipstel’s strategic location in the very center makes it easy to explore the city and attend the hottest events in Barna. Like in August, the month of September is full of exciting neighborhood parties called Festa Major. In August, the neighborhoods Sants and Gracia were celebrating. However, in September the party is heading to Ribera, Poblenou and Barceloneta. 

August in Barcelona – Events Calendar

August in Barcelona

Are you thinking about spending August in Barcelona? We say, yes, come to Barca! You won’t lack the opportunities to cool off by the beaches and swimming pools, nor will you lack the hot summer parties and live concerts. August is the month when the locals leave the city for their summer holidays, but there are still many things to do and see. Apart from events that take place whole summer and that we already wrote about, such as The Dinner With the Stars (Sopar amb estrelles) at the Fabra Observatory on Tibidabo hill, the music festival Piknic Electronik, and Musica als Parcs, free open air jazz and classical concerts in the parks of Barcelona, here is what we recommend in August.

July in Barcelona – Events Calendar

July in Barcelona

If you’re in July in Barcelona, you can find everything you need for a perfect summer vacation: live music performances, food and beer festivals, beach activities and lots of sightseeing material. July is the time when you can find big street neighbourhood parties, music festivals and of course, get a bit of tan and refreshment on the Barceloneta beach. The good thing is – if you’re staying in our hostel, everything is well connected and near. Here are eleven events in Barcelona you should not miss in July, from Poblenou Beer Festival to Open Air cinema on the beach!

June in Barcelona – Events Calendar

Primavera Sound

photo via primaverasound.es

Barcelona is a place to be in June. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, but it’s not only the weather. From the risque and erotic Burlesque Festival, to the top music festival such as Primavera and Sonar, from the celebrations of the public holiday Sant Joan on the beaches to dining at the Observatory, if you visit Barcelona in June, you’re about to get your dose of summer fun, superb music performances, delicious food and fiestas. We present you our favorite June events in Barcelona.

The Hipstel: El hostal y sus alrededores

¿Quieres saber qué se puede hacer cerca del hostal?

Compras, gastronomía, moda, diseño y mucho más a un paso de The Hipstel, en pleno centro de Barcelona

The Hipstel Barcelona

Quienes nos visiten en Barcelona deberán saber algunas curiosidades del barrio en que está emplazado el hostal The Hipstel. El Eixample de Barcelona fue trazado a mediados del siglo XIX, (1860) por el arquitecto Ildefonso Cerdá, ante el masivo crecimiento de una ciudad que no parecía tener techo. Este trazado geométrico que une la antigua ciudad de Barcelona con los barrios de Gracia al este, San Andrés al norte y Sants al sur fue delicadamente planeado para el futuro, es decir, estos tiempos que corren.

Barcelona Elektronika Sonar & Piknic Elektronik

Barcelona Sonar - Find a Hostel

El mes de junio es, desde hace 22 años, el mes en que Barcelona se viste de Sónar. La ciudad se llena de amantes de la música experimental, todo es fiesta y diversión. Es tiempo de Sónar. Y es que además del festival, a su alrededor se organizan incontables fiestas con artistas de primerísimo nivel, quienes, aprovechando el ferviente público ávido de música, buscan mostrar su material.

Todo esto convierte a Barcelona en un gran escaparate musical y de tendencias a lo largo de 10 días, en los que The Hipstel te invita a compartir la mejor temporada del año en Barcelona.

Pero también a lo largo de todo el verano 2015 tenemos una cita con la buena música cada domingo por la tarde y al aire libre en el Piknic Elektronik.

Si estás interesado en venir este verano a Barcelona tienes que saber que The Hipstel está ubicado en un punto privilegiado de Barcelona y cuenta con toda la información necesaria para llegar a ambos eventos sin que tengas que estresarte ni un momento a la hora de organizar los movimientos dentro de la ciudad.

Sónar – 18, 19 y 20 de Junio de 2015

El gran monstruo de los festivales de música electrónica es nuestro y se llama Sónar. Referente mundial y diversión asegurada para miles de viajeros veraniegos, el Sónar es  un barómetro de las últimas tendencias en música, tecnología, estilos, moda y artes visuales. La situación de nuestro Hostel (Hipstel), es la ideal en cuanto a transporte de ida y vuelta al Sónar, a cualquier hora, ya sea en metro, taxi o autobús. Además quienes hacemos The Hipstel te ayudaremos en lo que necesites para guiarte dentro de la ciudad, así como para que vayas y vuelvas seguro a cada evento.

En esta edición del Sónar, la número 22º, la noticia destacada es que actúan nada menos que 50 mujeres como cabezas de cartel. Entre los artistas más destacados que se podrán ver en la versión 2015 podemos contar con Duran Duran, Skrillex, FKA Twigs, Jamie XX, Chemical Brothers, Flying Lotus, Hot Chip, Die Antwoord, Fat Freddy’s Drop y A$AP Rocky.

Si no te quieres perder esta semana en la que toda Barcelona vibra y se llena de emociones dentro y fuera del Sónar, te esperamos en The Hipstel.

Piknic Elektronik – Todos los Domingos. Del 28 de junio al 20 de setiembre. Jardines “Joan Brossa” de Montjuic.

Piknic Electronik Barcelona - Find your hostelEl Piknic Electronik es una fiesta al aire libre con los mejores Dj’s del panorama mundial.

Cada domingo de 13 a 22 hs. en un entorno idílico y con unas vistas inmejorables, se realiza la fiesta electrónica más familiar y coqueta de la ciudad. Nacido en Montreal, este singular evento combina las características del típico picnic con el espíritu de la música electrónica.

Piknic electronik es música, aire libre, ecología, familia, arte, conciencia global, gastronomía y 100% disfrute.

En Hipstel te despertaremos a la hora indicada y te contaremos dónde puedes alquilar una bicicleta para llegar a tiempo al picnic. Tienes todo el verano para programar tu viaje y una hermosa estadía en nuestro hostel.

Definitivamente… ¡No te lo puedes perder!


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