Interview with the hostel volunteers and workers


hostel volunteers interview

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of the Hipstel crew? We asked the hostel volunteers and interns to share a bit of the hostel everyday life and atmosphere with us, as well as their impressions about Barcelona and the perks of working in a hostel.

Working at a hostel

In case you don’t know, The Hipstel is a truly multicultural hostel – it gathers people from different continents in one place. The people who work at the hostel come from the USA, Mexico, Greece, Belarus, Poland and Ireland. Their job duties are diverse. You can find one same person working at the reception, giving information to the guests, checking them in and out of the hostel, cleaning, helping with the luggage (just look at their muscles) or making breakfast. When asked about working at a hostel, The Hipstel crew agrees that the best part is meeting and interacting with people from all over the world, practicing foreign languages and learning in a fast paced environment – an experience they would recommend to anyone with an open mind who is ready for new adventures.

Favorite place/thing to do in Barcelona

What also makes working at the Hipstel great is the fact that it is located in the exciting and beautiful city of Barcelona. For each member of the Hipstel crew, the favorite place in Barca is different. For some it’s Parc Guell, for the others it’s El Born or Bunkers, some say that all places are too special, and for Maggie, the best places are little hidden courtyards and gardens, the beaches that tourists haven’t discovered yet, streets, and Raval. When it comes to a favorite thing to do in Barcelona, for Cris, it’s the walk from the beach to his apartment at sunset on a summer day. Tanya (nicknamed the Wild Rose) states that anything is worth doing as long as it’s done in Barcelona.

The Hipstel

And the favorite thing about the Hipstel? Most of them say it’s all about the people, the crew which is like a family, the friendly atmosphere, and again, having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Tanya sums up the Hipstel with “it has a soul”. For Maggie, the favorite thing about the hostel are the workers and volunteers who made her stay special: “I have met the wackiest, loveliest individuals here and they have made my stay. I’ve learned so much from them, directly and indirectly. How to enjoy and appreciate life, especially the little things. How not to care so much and just have fun. How to go with the flow and give up on plans, cause if there’s anything in particular that can be said about the Hipstel, it is that plans go out the window and arranged times don’t exist. Welcome to the Hipstel, where my home is tu casa, amigooo. If you want to be challenged physically, psychologically and dietarily (wink), then make sure to pack your backpack por un rato aqui!”

hostel volunteers interview


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